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About Us


Our Goal:

NOMAH (“No More Asian Hate”) is an Anti-Asian Hate organization. The goal of this organization is to spread awareness about the reality of Asian Hate and eventually eliminate all Asian Hate. NOMAH’s concept is “Get rid of Asian Hate Globally”. Both Asian Hate and the COVID-19 pandemic are global challenges. NOMAH is committed to fighting against Asian Hate worldwide while staying COVID safe. As our logo represents, hundreds of people putting their small fists together makes one tremendous fist. In this website NOMAH will spread awareness about the reality of Asian Hate by selling products that have NOMAH logos on it and by posting experiences anonymously. NOMAH will donate ALL its profit to a Non Profit Organization that supports victims of Asian Hate (TBD).

Gaku Fujita

Founder & CEO of NOMAH:

Hi, I’m Gaku. I am the founder & the CEO of NOMAH. I started NOMAH because I was actually a victim of Asian Hate. This has been a terrible experience for me. I was depressed for some time and even stopped going to school. However, as I saw so much Asian Hate and activism around the world, I decided that I can't just stay in my room and do nothing. I thought and thought about what I can do to prevent people from having to face these same experiences and channeled these efforts into NOMAH.